Non-Invasive Liquid Level Detection

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This week’s topic of Simple Solutions series is non-invasive liquid level detection. Production equipment that comes into contact with liquid requires regular maintenance and cleaning. A simple solution such as a non-invasive (capacitive, ultrasound or infrared) sensor can make this processes easier and less costly. Smooth surfaces are commonly easier to clean (as opposed to a surface with […]

Production Automation Explained

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The field of automation covers multiple disciplines with mechanical engineering, electrotechnology and information technology as the main ones. Automation can be completely virtual or it can require electromechanical components to function. Automation can be very complex and extensive but in most cases it has a simple basis. In this article, we provide an overview of automation […]

Production Automation as an Ultimate Source of Value

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Production Automation, as we know it, dates back to Industrial Revolution. In 1722 ‘’the mother of machine tools’’ – the lathe – comes into existence and later on inspires the invention of all subsequent tools opening the whole new set of possibilities to industrial capitalists. In the 18th century having accumulated wealth and having turned […]