4 Questions that Determine Energy Consumption of your Production Plant

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In many production processes, energy is a significant cost. Hence, saving energy leads to reduced production costs. It also makes production system more sustainable. To identify most suitable energy saving measures for your production plant, you need to know how much, where, when and why energy is used. How much? The amount of energy consumed can be measured at the place where all […]

Maximum Value. Minimum Waste.

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All products and services have environmental impacts. And the waste can occur at any stage of the product life-cycle: extraction of raw materials for production, manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal. Therefore, an integrated approach to addressing waste needs to be taken: end-of-pipe (disposal & recycling) solutions alone cannot create a sustainable product life-cycle. As opposed […]

Reusing Energy with Regenerative Braking

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Today is Wednesday. This means it’s time for Simple Solutions, weekly series of posts serving as a reminder about simple and effective technologies that can be used in production automation. This week’s topic is Regenerative Braking. There are electricity costs associated with running a motor that creates movement in a production system. When using brakes […]

Process Automation based on the Price of Electrical Energy

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Historically, the price of electrical energy has been fixed and based on the price of fossil fuels required to generate the energy. Therefore, it did not matter when energy was used. That resulted in great demands on electrical power from many users at the same time and caused peaks of demands. These peak demands happen […]